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Tips to Save $$$ on your Auto Insurance
  • Buy homeowners and auto coverage from same insurer.
    Often times, insurers discount homeowners and auto insurance if you purchase them together. When shopping for auto insurance, ask the insurer if they also offer homeowners coverage. If so, inquire about a dual policy discount and get a quote for that. Contact an Executives Insurance Agent for more information.
  • Compare insurance costs before buying.
    Before buying a car, research insurance costs. Vehicles that are popular targets for thieves or expensive to repair will cost more to insure.  
  • Seek out safe driver discounts.
    A clean driving record could save on your insurance premium. Ask prospective insurers if you’re rewarded for safe driving.
  • Ask for quotes with higher deductibles.
    The more you pay as a deductible means the insurer pays less if they should have make good on a claim. Insurers charge lower premiums if you choose to take on this added risk.
  • Reduce coverage on older cars.
    As your car ages and loses it value, consider reducing or eliminating high collision and/or comprehensive coverage.
  • Take advantage of low-mileage discounts.
    Insurers often charge less if you drive less. If you only drive short distances, you might be able to save on your insurance.
  • Maintain good credit.
    Insurers often use insurance scores in calculating insurance premiums. Keep your credit score high, and you’ll likely pay less for auto insurance.
  • Inquire about other discounts.
    Insurers offer a range of discounts, so ask about them when comparison shopping. But remember, an insurer that offers fewer discounts may still have the best price.
  • Shop around.
    Get several quotes on your auto insurance before you buy. And Executives Insurance can do that for you with quotes from highly rated auto insurance companies. 


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